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 Condemned 2 "laugh"

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PostSubject: Condemned 2 "laugh"   Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:37 pm

Condemned 2 TDM reveiw:

Tha funniest bloody multi player game Ive played
Had me pissin meself through most of tha matches
4v4 TDM:
yo got dis small area wit a shit load of pickupz (melee weaponz)
yo run around bashin peepz ova tha head witb such fingz az:
Shovelz, Baseball Batz, Drive Shaftz
All pickupz are throwable (best iz molotov cocktailz)

At first I kouldnt find eny serverz, so I created one, after a while..
1, 2 then it started to fill up (8playerz max)
I started bashin away, laughin my face off at these stupid
To watch des guyz run around swining wildly looked so funny
Then shit got serious, peepz worked out how to team up, block, counter, do finishing movez

Therez iz absolutely no point to thiz mode....
No rankz, no badgez, medalz... etc
But still just tha plain fun of runnin around bashin otha peepz will keep yo goin

If enyone see dis game lyin round cheap (I paid $45) I recommend to pik it up
Give me a yell an we have a bashin ol time together, hehe

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Condemned 2 "laugh"
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