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 Joined Tha Beta Testerz

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Supreme S!nner

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PostSubject: Joined Tha Beta Testerz   Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:47 pm

I have succumed to tha masses....
Since most everyone else has joined the Beta test fo 1.4 (there is only war), I fought I mite az well join tha rest

It only took bout 10 minutes to finish downloading... here's how to do it:

Close tha game, open steam, click settings, drop down box to participate in Warhammer dawn of war 1.4 beta, then ok
it will then ask/tell yo that ya need to restart steam, them just ok, it will then restart and start tha download automaticlly

After itz all done, just start tha game... everything will run tha same, until actuall game time... then perpare fo war....
Kause itz well drawn out now

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Joined Tha Beta Testerz
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