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 The Razorback

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PostSubject: The Razorback   Tue May 19, 2009 6:32 pm

Transport – The Razorback is a transport vehicle first and foremost. It is lightly armed but quick on the field, allowing you to rapidly get troops to and from the battlefield. Having one close at hand can be the difference between life and death when your troops need shelter quickly.

More offensively, a fresh Razorback waiting at your base when your retreating troops reach it would afford you the chance to quickly retake the field or even maneuvering around your opponents for a surprise counter-attack. Perhaps you could take a squad on a commando mission, sneaking a power-fisted Force commander over to the enemy’s power generators to cripple his economy. The mobility offered by the Razorback holds limitless potential.
The Early Bird Gets the Kill
Razorbacks are most effective in the early game, so the sooner you get them on the field, the better. If you want rush one out ASAP then avoid spending power on upgrades or Assault Marines.

Forward Base – In some ways, the Razorback is similar to your main base. You can reinforce squads within its range and it offers the protection of an auto-turret. Being able to avoid full retreat with the Razorback can save you precious time when withdrawing to regroup. The enemy won’t be so keen on pursuing your fleeing troops when they come under it's suppressive fire. Basically, the Razorback grants you a quicker recovery time so you can bring the fight to your enemies and keep it there.

Offensive Support– The Razorback has many offensive uses, especially during the early game. While it is not very durable once both players are at Tier 2, a Space Marine commander who is cognizant of the vehicle’s shortcomings can easily keep it alive and fighting. It's speed makes it a perfect candidate for rapid-response or flanking maneuvers and when filled with troops it’s effectiveness in these roles multiplies accordingly.
Armored and Dangerous
Be sure to upgrade your Razorbacks armor. The boost in HP can be invaluable, and the price tag is a measly 15 req. and 15 power.

In terms of firepower the Razorback isn’t the most devastating vehicle but its gun can chip away at enemy units, making your infantry’s jobs a bit easier. It can also crush cover on the field, depriving your enemy of shelter in a fight. If however it is you who needs cover, a smoke grenade from the ever-ready transport can work in a pinch. As you can see, the Razorback serves more to enhance your army’s offensive potential than to provide it outright.

Overall, the Razorback is one of the Space Marines most valuable assets and in a game where speed and precision are vital, it can serve well to keep you one step ahead of the enemy.

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The Razorback
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