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 More On The Apothecary

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PostSubject: More On The Apothecary   Tue May 19, 2009 6:29 pm

The Apothecary. Love him or hate him, he's one of the strongest assets to the Space Marine army. His healing prowess is invaluable, and some would argue he can hang with the best of them in the thick of a fight; Force Commander or Warboss included! That's right. The Apothecary is both mender and render, and he will fill the perfect support role for your Space Marines.

How do you build the Apothecary? Build him to fight! You want him to be able to stand up and trade blows with any other melee infantry, and the best way to do that is through his healing power. The two main upgrades you want to focus on are the Anointed Power Axe and the Armor of Purity. These two upgrades will turn the Apothecary into an absolute healing machine.

The Anointed Power Axe: Equips the Apothecary with a power axe that drains energy from enemies when it strikes. This may not sound so powerful at first glance, but with a little thought, this can fuel your Apothecary all day. With every swipe of the axe, the Apothecary will leech energy off of his target, not only taking energy from them, but fueling it right back into the doctor himself. This of course means more energy for healing, and you will desperately need that energy with the next upgrade.

The Armor of Purity: Reduces recharge time on the Apothecary's Heal ability and increases the Apothecary's health. Not only does this give a little more meat to the Apothecary's bones, it will make your heal much more available for use. With this Hero, you want to be healing as often as you can and the best way to do this is by cutting down on the cooldown timer. With the Power Axe fueling your hero with energy, you won't have any problem keeping your armies topped off with this combo.

The Apothecary also has a regeneration aura just by himself. If your units need topping off and there's a lull in the fighting or you just don't have the energy to cast a heal, keep them within range of the Apothecary! Slowly but surely, your units will feel the healing presence of the Apothecary and feel their HP bars steadily replenish. Unlike the Force Commander, your Apothecary will not change duties as the game progresses. He will chiefly remain as your heal support melee scrapper that can provide an excellent flank on his own or give one that extra push necessary to break an enemy's defenses.

In Tier 2, there are largely two schools of thought for the Apothecary. One sticks with his usual gear load out, while the other moves on to the Sanguine Chainsword and the Armor of the Apothecarion. Either of these choices are excellent, the latter combo gives your Apothecary even more health, a lifesteal attack that will leech hitpoints on each attack and the Advanced Healing. A good way to balance out the loss of the energy leech on the axe for the chainsword is to invest in the Improved Medical Equipment accessory that will give your Apothecary ample energy and regeneration to keep on with his healing duties without the flow of energy leech from the axe.

Finally, one of the most important things about using the Apothecary is his global powers (strange, I know). The first being Larraman's Blessing that will revive any downed allied Commanders on the battlefield for only 225 zeal. This will resurrect the commanders where they have fallen, so be careful in using this one else the Commander be killed again before being able to retreat. Most importantly is the Apothecary's other unique global power, Angels of Death. For just 400 zeal, all of your infantry will become invulnerable. This is absolutely invaluable for breaking through fortified positions or just turning the tables on your enemy when he least expects it.

Above all, remember that your Apothecary is stronger than he looks. Keep his healing abilities active and use him aggressively, and one will be greatly rewarded with this hero. Though he has no anti-tank abilities, he can handle most any infantry threat, and will be a great asset to any player's arsenal

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More On The Apothecary
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