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 TechMarine Guide

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PostSubject: TechMarine Guide   Tue May 19, 2009 6:21 pm

As we all know, the Techmarine is one of the Commanders you may pick when you are about to play a game. He isn't physically strong like the Force Commander who melees everything and gets away with it - he's more like the Apothecary in terms of support. He doesn't heal but he sure as hell gives your Tactical Marines and other ranged units a boost they need.

The Techmarine's upgrades are also pretty cheap. None of these upgrade requirements are at Tier III, so you can pretty much get everything you want at Tier II. I think this is because it will allow the players to build vehicles earlier instead of upgrading expensive upgrades the Force Commander has or the Warboss.


Like all support units, you're going to have to make sure he stays in the back and support your units. Unlike the Apothecary who heals your units, the Techmarine supports your units through offensive buffs.

Offensive Combinations:

Consencrated Bolter or Plasma Gun + Signum Armour + (Optional) Orbs of the Omnissiah

This is a great combination of weapon and armor to make your Techmarine a great support unit. The Signum Armour allows you to use the "Mark Target" ability which will increase greatly the number of damage a certain unit or squad takes. It also increases the Techmarine's ranged weapon damage. If you wish to go on the offensive, making around two Tactical Marines would be a wise decision. They have great ranged damage and are somewhat flexible due to their upgrades.

If you have upgraded your Techmarine with the Consecrated Bolter, you will be able to use the Brothers in Arms skill which will increase your Tactical Marines' damage and firing rate. The Plasma Gun's overcharge ability is also great to use around heavy infantry or squads that may be back capping (HGs, Scouts, GUs, etc.).

The "Orb of the Omnissiah" is actually a really good anti-vehicle grenade. It does a decent damage and stuns the vehicles so your Tactical Marines can come in and rocket it down or holds it while you get your Dreadnought to melee it.

Defensive Combinations:

Master-Crafter Bolter + Signum Armor or Articifier Armor + (Optional)Refractor Field

The Master-Crafter Bolter (MC Bolter) is in my opinion a weapon with great potential. It delivers a single shot that has heavy damage and suppresses the unit/squad. If something threatens your Techmarine or any one of your squads, you can use this ability to suppress that specific unit or squad in time for yours to either retreat or back off. I do have problems with this ability though. In my opinion, the damage is too low for it to be high powered and the suppression does not last long.

The Signum Armour give the "Sweep" ability which will take care of any kind of horde trying to mob your Techmarine. You can also use this ability to save on of your squads from danger. Surprisingly, it does a decent damage against units unlike the similar Mega-Rumblah which does has a greater AoE but little to no damage. The Artificer armor will let you build mines which will give you somewhat of a defensive posture against your opponent.

Unlike the Mekboy, you build your mines and instead of throwing them three at a time, you only make 1

The Refractor field is optional. I rather not get it just in case I miss my chance to sweep.

IV. Deployment:

This is where the standard Build Orders of the Techmarine will be. Remember, these Builds are just guidelines, not strict instructions that will ensure victory. Like any other RTS, adapting to your needs is the key. Oh... and lots of micro.

General Goal:

There are two general goals here when using the Techmarine.
• Get as many vehicles as you can
• Get about 2 Tactical Marines and 1-2 vehicles
These statements are a bit loose, so I will explain what I mean. The Techmarine has the ability to repair vehicles which does come in handy. Unlike your scouts, your TM will not just drop dead when you leave him to do repairs as he is not as weak.

You also have the global ability that will let you repair every single vehicles you have in the field. This ability only cost around 225 Zeal which is a fairly good deal. I would rather spam this ability rather than go for one huge Orbital Strike . Though it is very powerful, it is also very slow. Again, sometimes I just might get the Orbital Strike instead, depending on the situation.

The second goal is to have around 2 Tactical Marine squads. This will make use of the Mark Target and Brothers in Arms ability. With the 2 Tactical Marines and your Techmarine, you will devise a great offensive force to be reckoned with.


In 1v1s, a general goal is have dreadnoughts around. You have picked the Techmarine after all, so why not involve some vehicles in it? 2 is the ideal number. Of course, you do not have to build 2 consecutively. See what your opponent is doing and respond to their actions. So a general Build goes something like this:

Tactical Marines -> Power Node -> Generators

It does seem radical, but idea here is to delay your opponent until you can get those dreadnoughts out. Make sure that you cap frantically with your scout while you fend off the enemy with your Techmarine and Tactical Marines. Put a few upgrades on your Techmarine if you need to.

A second power node with maybe 1 generator will definitely work to your advantage. However it is a liability, so always look out for what your enemy might do.


3v3s are quite similar in terms of what your job is as a Techmarine. It is rather easier if you have great synergy with your teammates, so they can help you out while you tech up to Dreadnoughts. In terms of Tactical Marines, you can probably fight off your opponent on your own. You definitely have to watch out for Assault Marines - especially if your opponents commander is an Apothecary. If you are having troubles, then go help your friends rather than fighting a losing battle.

Just like any other faction, the Imperium has found its trio of commanders to lead their Space Marine armies to victory. Each has their own unique play style and they all bring something powerful to the table. One can easily find a commander to identify with in the Space Marine army, whether it be playing the support role, the power player role, or the defensive role.

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TechMarine Guide
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