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 Force Commander Guide

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PostSubject: Force Commander Guide   Tue May 19, 2009 5:46 pm

The Force Commander:

This man is your bruiser. As the melee Commander of the Space Marines, he absolutely does not disappoint. With a plethora of melee and defensive upgrades, the FC will become an unstoppable force among your ranks, and can easily serve as a one man flank or flank defense. Initially starting with only his trusty hain-sword and bolter pistol, he is immediately a threat to the enemy. His HP and armor are strong and his damage high, and with battle cry activated he will trigger a special attack on each attack, as well as buff the damage on any melee fighters within range of this mighty cry. This is an ability that stays readily useful throughout the entirety of the match and will never really lose its worth.

As things move on, the Force Commander will be presented with a wide array of upgrades. Some of these include the almighty Thunder Hammer that excels at destroying infantry (Orkz), the Power Fist that can stun and destroy enemy vehicles, and my personal favorite, the Storm Shield and Chain-Sword upgrade (Eldar). I have not yet found any use for the Power Sword and Plasma Pistol upgrade as in each match I have used it, it has been more or less worthless. Stick to Hammer, Shield, and Fist.

The Hammer will likely be your best option against the green hordes of the Orkz. It's special attack is an area of effect (AOE) knock-back, which can be triggered regularly through the activation of battle cry. It will also do immense damage to any infantry target, and I've personally witnessed it killing a Kommando commander after three hits. For similar reasons, this will be your best option against the Tyranids as well.

The Power Fist is more of an if-you-need-it situational weapon. If you're stuck behind in Tiers and desperately need to field some Anti-Tank then the power fist is your best option. It gives the flesh over steel ability that will allow you to stun target enemy vehicle, typically ensuring its demise as long as the FC remains within range of the vehicle. It has decent anti-infantry capabilities as well.

Finally, the most expensive T1 upgrade for the FC, is the Storm Shield and Chain-Sword upgrade. This thing is absolutely invaluable for fighting ranged heavy opponents such as the Eldar. Activated for an energy degeneration of 5, the Force Commander becomes immune to suppression and a receives less ranged damage with a loss of some speed. Oh, and all nearby allies will receive the bonus as well. This is key for pushing through fortified ranged defense points and can easily turn the tide against a comfortable Eldar player.

It would also be wise to invest in the armor and accessory upgrades the Force Commander has available. He can be equipped with armor to raise both his HP and HP regeneration, which is always a good idea so you can keep your FC as buff as possible. The HP boost on this armor does outweigh the boost on the other option that grants Sprint (Sprint does not break suppression, but I have not found much use for this armor yet). The last upgrade one should consider is the Teleporter Pack. A teleporting Force Commander.. just think on that one for a minute.

The Force Commander brings his own two unique powers to the global set just like any other commander. "For the Emperor!" and the fabled Assault Terminators both have an obvious purpose. The FTE buff will grant one squad a significant ranged damage increase in exchange for being immobile for the duration. The most obvious use for this can be seen on heavy bolters, for they will be deployed anyway and unable to move. Throw this buff on one of these squads and simply watch the blood fly. As for the Assault Terminators.. well, they're great and all, but for 900 req. and 900 zeal I can't see much point in using them. Too expensive!

The last thing to consider is the FC's role in a team game. He is still the brawler, even when he is forced to brawl for other folks. Keep using him as you would in a 1v1. Keep him in the thick of it!

Space Marines are big, expensive, and resilient. They are few in number but grand in power, though their limited squad sizes and speed can sacrifice a lot of important map control. So, to solve this problem, I have developed the most balanced strategy I can to approach any scenario on any map and hope to come out victorious. This works best with the Apothecary and Force Commander heroes as I have not yet tried it with the Techmarine.

First thing's first...Build order.

Scout, Heavy Bolter Squad (HBS), Tactical Marine Squad (TMS), T2, Dreadnought

Your first unit that you should create is another scout squad. These guys are your best friend. You want to make sure you preserve both Scout Squads, because their ability to infiltrate, flank, and deliver disruptive damage is invaluable. Make sure to equip both squads with the shotgun upgrade to enhance their ability to infiltrate around and take out enemy machine gun positions, as well as knock down incoming melee units and heroes. Oh, and they'll be your primary source of capturing as well.

After you get your first Scout squad, roll out a Heavy Bolter Squad. Your hero and first Scout Squad should be off capping in the same direction, and so you want to make sure you do not lose their position. Send the Heavy Bolter to reinforce their efforts with (no pun intended) their absolutely devastating fire and suppression support. These guys will chew up any melee or ranged unit...just be careful and protect them from flanks!

After this, you want to crank out a Tactical Marine Squad. These are your balanced backbones and will really tear enemy units into shreds. They have consistently high damage and accuracy, and are extremely tough in a fire fight. Use these men and your hero in combination with your Scouts to keep a rolling defense on the territory.

You should be doing pretty well by this point. If you're feeling the ranged pressure poor on, it's alright to stop and grab an Assault Marine Squad to aid in your disruption. Otherwise, slap down three reactors and start heading for Tier 2 (T2). This is where Space Marines can really shine. A quick Dreadnought on the field will absolutely wreck anything else fielded at T2, and the Apothecary hero can get his life-stealing chain-sword at this point, while also being able to enhance his ever valuable healing ability.

Anywhere in this strategy, there will be room for adjusting to fit the needs of the match-up. There is no point in where you are overproducing toward one typical strategy or another, but simply remaining balanced in favor of keeping one's options open. With the dreadnought delivering the final blow, it makes for an intensely strong strategy that has kept me from a loss so far.

The Razorback is a transport vehicle by design but its use on the battlefield is often something far more significant. Its many functions allow the Razorback to serve in various roles: as a forward base, weapons platform, obstacle-clearer or quite literally your deus ex machina. While the Razorback is rather susceptible to basic anti-vehicle attacks, its speed and low cost (240 req. and 40 power) minimize the risks that come with its purchase. The Razorback’s capabilities ensure that it is almost always a justifiable part of any Space Marine army.

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Force Commander Guide
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