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 hosting a clan match server

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Supreme S!nner

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PostSubject: hosting a clan match server   Wed Aug 05, 2009 12:21 pm

if you are hosting a clan match server please follow the following setup:

Server Options:-

Name: S!n-vs-[insert opponent's tag here]
Password: 987 [only do this password if there isn't an agreed upon password already]
Type: Player [can do dedicated if required]
Ranked: No [leave blank]
Clan Restricted: No [leave blank]
Eucadian Clan: leave blank
Chernovan Clan: leave blank
Max Players: set to total amount of players [eg. if it is 4v4 set to 8, if it is 6v6 set to 12, etc.]
Min Players: same as max players
Buddy Slots: 0
Min Ranked: Recruit
Max Rank: General
Spawn Delay: 5 seconds
Start Delay: 5 seconds
Message: [your choice, but keep it clean]

Advanced Options:-

Use Wrench/Bio-Feild: Yes [tick box]
Enable Vioce: Yes [tick box]
All Talk: No [leave blank]
Randomise Teams: No [leave blank]
Allow Team Switch: Yes [tick Box]
Balanced Teams: No [leave blank]
Friendly Fire: 100%
Allow Split Srceen: No [leave blank]
Intermission Time: 30 seconds
Kick Idle Players: No [leave blank]

Fly With Objective: No [leave blank]
Return Time: 15 seconds

Score limits:-

CTF: 5

Zones: 5000

TDM: 100

Hero: 100

Collection: 50

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hosting a clan match server
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